To My Amazing Fans,

Today is a very very special day to me. It’s the day I finally release the thing I have been wrapping my head around for the last 3 years. This project is a milestone that I never thought I would achieve, a challenge to myself as well as a reflection of my abilities. This record consists of 14 original productions, most of them having a vocal written over them by one of my amazingly talented friends. Every track has emotion; whether it be sadness, anger, joy or a mix of all.

I want to thank every single person being there for me during the process of making this record; all the vocalists for helping me make my dreams reality, Zeds Dead & the Deadbeats crew for letting me have the freedom to put down exactly what’s in my head and of course my fans, friends and family for making my sunshine bright.

Achroma means the absence of light, the blank canvas in which you can imagine and become whatever you desire. Express yourself, love yourself and others & most importantly: stay extra 🥀

– Dion