Dion has been releasing music since 2014. During that time he was able to carve out his own area in the music industry, putting creativity at the forefront of all that he does.

The next chapter in his journey blends the lines between fantasy and reality. In this interview, Dion shares thoughts on his new EP, upcoming projects, and more!

How does the Arcane EP differ from your previous projects?

I would see “Arcane” as probably one of my more “organic” works. The tracks on this record might be lacking the crazy rave leads I used to put in my older works, but I still tried to give them that signature “Dion” feel, that “different” feel.

How did the collaborations on Arcane, including the lead single with Lucii, come to be?

These collaborations were all made throughout the last couple of years; even before I released my “Enter Achroma” album. Enter Achroma was primarily a fully-original produced piece, so I wanted to save the collaborations I was working on for a future release.

Most collaborations on the album were done over the internet, homies like Azuria Sky, Lucii, Teddy Killerz and Excision would share and trade parts with me to eventually create our tunes. “Ikari” was made at G-Rex’s studio since he lives closeby.

Working together in the studio is a different and interesting take on collaborating for me since I am usually used to the internet approach. It’s fun to see our ideas blend in real-time.

Your upcoming EP comes with a full rebrand, how does Arcane portray that?

“Arcane” shows off this mysterious, almost alien underwater world on the visual side. You can almost take Achroma, the city, and just zoom out and slide over to the wilderness into the ocean. It’s the same dimension, and there’s so much more to it than that city.

That’s what I am trying to express and explore with this record. I tried to write melodies that are sitting right between “artificial” and “organic” using instruments and synths I have never used before.

It might not be as loud, but I personally feel it has more “story” to it, maybe in a different way than I was trying to express it.

You recently turned 21, did this contribute to your desire to rebrand at all?

Not necessarily the age; more natural urge to grow. I started to feel limited with my art, how I could portray it, express it. I kind of realized that limiting yourself to one style your entire career will eventually make you unhappy. I still love and always will love neon cyberpunk aesthetics and you will definitely keep seeing that style appear in my clothing line. I keep it real!

On the verge of this new chapter in your career, how do you plan to keep being “Very Extra?”

The Very Extra lifestyle will continue; the idea will always stay the same. Express yourself, do what you want and be “extraordinary”!

More than anything else, what do you want fans to know about this new chapter?

Probably that this is only the start. I just exposed a tiny bit of the ocean in the art, but there is so much more to explore. I am beyond excited to build out this world more and more with you guys, maybe we can even go live in it someday?

You stay active on social media and have built an impressive Discord community. Why is it so important for you to create and maintain these additional connections with fans beyond the stage?

I am very much someone that was always on the internet looking up to artists and sometimes even dreaming of connecting with them. I see no reason not to provide that to my fans now I am in the position to actually do that. I don’t blame the artists back in the day though, there were not many awesome outlets like discord that would allow you to just communicate fast, easily and safely.

Beyond music, what other creative projects are you passionate about right now? How do you combine these passions?

I very much also have a love for designing clothing and merchandise, although with the current pandemic I decided to hold off for a little. It got hard to express this during the current situations and it also did not feel too right pushing out collections when a lot of people are having a lot of time; it didn’t really make sense. I decided to start learning game development and programming, originally through Minecraft. I got the gist of how a game is put together and I actually started work on my own original game “Sculptur” in Unreal Engine and C++. This game is planned to have a lot of user feedback from my fans during upcoming streams and such, so we can make the most epic game!

What does the rest of 2021 hold for you?

Music, clothes, games, streams, all sorts of creative things. I’ve had my break but I am definitely ready to go full-force back into it. After this EP I will be working on finishing up an extra record full of tunes that couldn’t make it on this one, it’s nearly done already! I will be designing a couple of summer pieces for you guys to wear in the summer as well. Constant updates will be in my brand new discord and you can follow my weekly antics during my upcoming twitch schedule that I’ll be starting. A lot coming up and I’m beyond excited to finally share it with you guys!

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